Alliance RV to Launch New Travel Trailer Line

Alliance RV on Tuesday held its first in-person dealer meeting since the beginning of the pandemic on its 100-acre campus in Elkhart, Indiana. Co-founders Coley Brady and Ryan Brady welcomed about 150 dealers and suppliers with hot coffee on a rainy morning encircled by about 20 Alliance RVs.

Coley Brady revealed the company will launch a 2023 laminated travel trailer line next summer. The company planned to debut the trailers this year at Elkhart Extravaganza but decided to wait.

“We want to take the time to get feedback from dealers and consumers and find out what can really move the needle, what can differentiate us from the other product that is out there,” Coley Brady said.

Alliance VP for Dealer Support Curtis Carlson and Alliance VP for Customer Experience Bill Martin updated the assembly on dealer support plans, retail support, quality and social media initiatives. Alliance General Manager Jerimiah Dumka spoke about changes to the Valor and Paradigm lines.

The company has made recent infrastructure investments in four new buildings and upgrades to its original building. Alliance will build a sixth to support the new travel trailer line. The company will construct, a 200,000-square-foot building on its campus to house a double production line with 100,000 square feet dedicated to each of the travel trailer lines.

Five buildings are currently situated on the campus: a recently refurbished 22,000-square-foot administrative building, a lamination plant, a Valor toy hauler production plant, a Paradigm fifth wheel plant and an Avenue fifth wheel plant. Each production area has a dedicated PDI area.

Alliance currently employs 650 team members. The corporate building is attached to one of the company plants.

“When we talk about culture, having this campus all continuous here, we have 100 acres centrally located here, is a big deal for material flow, for culture, security and it really helps us to be efficient day-to-day,” Ryan Brady said.

The company has 185 dealer locations and has retailed 8,000 fifth wheels in three years. Alliance RV’s market share performance is currently at 4.2% of all fifth wheel registrations according to Statistical Surveys. Year-over-year the company’s retail activity has increased 16.7%. This means the company is growing in share and recognition, Coley Brady said.

“We have a premier dealer base that is built to grab share with this product. We are thrilled and excited with what is to come,” Coley Brady said to those assembled. “Now that we have massive infrastructure, we have great branding; we have the ability to meet your needs. You guys have options out there. We get that there is a lot of product in Elkhart County right now that has either debuted or is being displayed. We want you guys to know we can deliver on all fronts when it comes to product branding, when it comes to service; we have your back and we can deliver for you in the upcoming year.”