New Trailer Out! Release Date & More!

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The official social media title of the anime Bocchi The Rock Anime revealed a new trailer. However, the trailer featured a key character from the anime. Clover Works Studio is leaving no stone unturned to promote the anime just before its release. Upcoming episodes of the anime will be released soon, so the creators are taking every opportunity to promote the anime among the fans. Here’s everything you need to know about the manga before moving on!

Aki Hamaji wrote and illustrated that it received an anime adaptation. Also, Hobusha Magazine published the manga in Manga Time Kirara max magazine. The source manga of the upcoming anime didn’t get much recognition. However, there is too much hype surrounding the anime that is about to come out. Let’s jump straight to the article to discuss the trailer that just came out!

Bocchi The Rock Anime trailer out!

Makers revealed the new Bocchi The Rock Anime trailer on the official Twitter account. Furthermore, the main feature of this trailer was that it featured the character Ryo Yamada. She is a famous bass guitarist in the upcoming anime. However, there hasn’t been any significant talk about the character in the latest trailer.

Also, there were only a few glimpses of the clips from the anime. This isn’t the first time the anime makers have unveiled a trailer for a specific band member. They also provided a trailer for the characters Hitori, Nijika, and Ikuyo. In addition, these characters also received a poster from the production studio. In the upcoming anime, Saku Mizuno is the voice of Ryo Yamada.

What will be the plot of the anime?

The story of the anime revolves around the life of a high school girl. There is a girl named Gotou Hitori who dreams of joining a band. She is also learning to play the guitar to make her dream come true. However, her shyness prevents her from trying her best both on stage and in life. Because of her introverted nature, she doesn’t have a single boyfriend.

But there will be a savior to pull her out of the cloak of shyness. However, this savior will be a girl named Ijichi Nijika, who will motivate Hitori to pursue her dream. But she will also let Hitori join the high school band to improve and develop Hitori as a performer. Nijika is a drummer and needs a guitarist in her band. So Hitori is her best opportunity.

Bocchi The Rock Anime Release Date

Bocchi The Rock Anime will be released on October 8, 2022. Fans are excited to see the amazing performances from a high school band. Anime shows like Love Live Superstar received a lot of praise from audiences because of their content. It seems that the upcoming anime will also pull off this feat. Follow The Anime Daily for more articles!