How to Upgrade Garage American Truck Simulator?

There are a few ways to upgrade your garage in American Truck Simulator. During a tough driving day, you may have run out of energy and need to rest. Luckily, the game allows you to park your truck and trailer in the garage. Depending on your needs, you may also be able to sleep in your garage.

To upgrade your garage, first go to the garage menu. From there, click on the ‘Upgrade’ button. This will give you the option to purchase more trucks and hire more drivers. Additionally, you’ll be able to access the External Cargo Market and External Contracts, two of the main features of this game. The good news is that these features are fully synced with your friends, so you don’t have to worry about competing for jobs.

In the new American Truck Simulator update, you’ll find several new features. A new sound engine has been introduced to the game. This allows you to hear different sounds from different vehicles, including those found outdoors. Another new feature is the ability to walk through the game, which means you’ll be able to explore more of the world. Moreover, the game’s UI has been updated to help you find what you need.


How Do I Get a Bigger Garage ATS?

In American Truck Simulator, upgrading the garage allows you to store more trucks, a fuel pump, and a 15% discount on diesel. It also allows you to access the World of Trucks online community and unlock external contracts and cargo markets. In the World of Trucks, you can also get a job from the External Cargo Market, where you can find a variety of jobs to do.

In American Truck Simulator, you can have multiple garages, but you should be aware that the distance between them affects travel time. You can travel between cities faster by using the convoy mode, but this will cost you money. You can find garages in many different cities, and you can also use them to refuel your truck or hire a NPC driver.

You can purchase garages for different prices, depending on the style and materials used. Usually, a two-car garage costs PS13,000 while a three-car garage costs PS25,000. You can purchase these garages with money or with game vehicles.

How Do I Buy a New Garage ATS?

If you are playing American Truck Simulator and are looking to expand your fleet, the 1.44 update will give you new equipment and an upgrade system for your garage. It also includes UI improvements and a refund system for mod currency. You can now buy new trucks, trailers, and garages using cash from the online game store.

You can purchase a new garage in the game’s marketplace for EUR180,000 or PS144,000, but the first one you purchase will only store one truck. The second garage you purchase will store three trucks. In addition to storage, you can also use the garage as a destination for Quick Travelling. Moreover, upgrading to three trucks will allow you to hire new NPC drivers for your fleet.

A new garage is a must-have in American Truck Simulator. You will need at least $150,000 to purchase one, and it is best to save up a small amount for future purchases. Alternatively, you can also take a loan that will be paid back every day at 12:00pm. Having some cash saved up will be useful, especially when you reach the next milestones in the game – upgrading your garage and hiring your first driver.

How Much is a New Garage ATS?

There are many ways to make money in American Truck Simulator, but the most popular way to make money is by selling a garage. Players can buy and sell garages in the game to earn money, and it is also a great way to dispose of unwanted items. Garages are available in most cities, and the price for one can range anywhere from EUR180,000 in ETS2 to PS144,000 in ATS. A garage will usually have several rooms, a rest area, and a place to keep a truck. They can also be used as the company’s headquarters.

To purchase a garage, click on the ‘upgrade’ button, which will give you access to the market. This will allow you to buy new trucks, hire new drivers, and build new garages. You can also choose to buy an empty small garage that is available in a few cities. To confirm the purchase, you must pay the $180000 for the garage, which will allow you to move into the new garage.

How Do I Upgrade My Garage in ETS2?

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can purchase and upgrade garages for your vehicles. Garages are located throughout the world. They can be bought for EUR180,000 (£129,000) or PS144,000 (US$180,000). Your first garage is set as your headquarters and can store one truck. The next garages you purchase will hold three trucks. These garages can be used for refueling and as destination points for Quick Travelling. Upgrading to three trucks will also allow you to hire NPC drivers. In ETS2, you can hire NPC drivers to drive your trucks and it will cost the same as buying a new garage.

You can upgrade your garage by clicking on the “upgrade” button on the garage screen. The process will cost you EUR1,500 each, but it will enable you to purchase new trucks and employ new drivers. If you don’t have any drivers, you can hire them by clicking the “job agency” icon on your garage screen. You can pay EUR1,500 per driver, but be aware that you’ll need to hire drivers with specific skills.

Can You Have Multiple Garages in ATS?

In American Truck Simulator, you can build multiple garages to park your truck. However, you need money in order to run a garage and manage it effectively. You can borrow ten thousand dollars or as much as four hundred thousand dollars from a bank.

The first garage you buy will serve as your headquarters and only have room for one truck. Later garages are bigger and can accommodate three trucks. Garages are also a great place to refuel and use for Quick Travelling. In addition, you can hire NPC drivers for your trucks.

Garages can be found in major cities. Buying one can cost up to EUR180,000 or PS144,000 (about $180,000). The garage always has a rest stop and can be changed to any city you want. Gdansk, Poland, for example, has five companies, a port, and a lot of business. Adding more vehicles and putting more workers will help you expand your empire.

How Many Garages Can You Have in Ets2?

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can buy a garage in almost any city. The first garage you buy will only have room for one truck, but subsequent ones will have space for three. The price of an ETS2 garage is EUR180,000 (about PS144,000), while the price of an ATS garage is $180,000 (around PS138K). A garage can be used to refuel and serve as a destination for Quick Travelling. Upgrading to a three-truck garage also grants you the ability to hire new NPC drivers. However, it is also the same as purchasing a brand-new garage.

The game lets you build your truck empire across Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom. These regions are marked with orange stars, which indicate garage locations. For example, in Gdansk, Poland, you can build five garages in a single city. This city is popular for business because of its port, and you will find a lot of potential there.

What is the Best Truck in Ets2?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand-new truck or just upgrade an old one, American Truck Simulator offers a variety of ways to customize your garage. You can choose to buy a new garage, change the headquarters, or hire new NPC drivers for each truck. In ETS2, garages are usually available for EUR180,000 or PS144,000.

If you’re looking for a powerful truck, then you should invest in a Kenworth W900. It starts out with 370 horsepower, but you can upgrade it up to 625 horsepower. This will help you deliver goods faster. You can even upgrade the transmission to make it even more powerful.

When it comes to gameplay, the game isn’t too demanding for some people, but it does offer an excellent simulation of driving a heavy truck. The graphics are fantastic, and the controls are simple to learn. The game offers a realistic driving experience with accurate engine sounds and a virtual steering wheel. The game even has a clutch and H-Shift for the manual transmission trucks. The game’s improved AI traffic system is also a big plus.