Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder 2.1 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

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Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder 2.1 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

If you ignore its relatively high price, the Sound Cylinder is a portable Bluetooth speaker that easily converts into a stand for any tablet.

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Extreme Technology is known for its audio quality music. Now it’s jumping into the mainstream market with its first wireless Bluetooth speaker, the $199 Sound Cylinder.

The Special Technology Sound Box is an elegant and compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that transforms from a stand-alone speaker into an ordinary tablet stand. The build quality is good, and the sound is decent for its size.

High Tech Sound Cylinder is a portable and compact Bluetooth speaker that will become a staple for every tablet – at a low price for sound quality.

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As its name suggests, the Soundbar is cylindrical in shape, a trend in the Bluetooth speaker space with products like the JBL Flip and JBL Charge and the iLuv iSP245.

However, what makes the Audio speaker special is that it can be transformed from a stand-alone speaker into a backup for any tablet. It’s a sleek speaker with an “aluminum/magnesium alloy” construction that’s great for a portable Bluetooth speaker, even if it’s a bit pricey.

The Soundbar is not your typical Bluetooth speaker. First, there is a folding stand that folds into the speaker when not in use. Use the stand only if it comes with a base with firm rubber grips to hold the device.

Because the clamps are small in width, there is room for the thickness of the board you can install. The speaker is original to the iPad 2, 3, and appears to be designed for the 4; However, it should work with most other large tablets without issue. The speaker is a bit heavy though. It’s designed to attach to laptop surfaces and weighs 0.74 pounds or 336 grams, so depending on the type of hinge on your laptop, it may hurt your surface. Turn it off if you don’t notice.

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The most important thing is that tablets with bezels cover part of the screen (like the Galaxy Note 2) if you are thin when the device is placed on horizontal bars. (Not compatible.) How to make a speaker and stand; Also keep in mind that the floor must be heavy enough to hold everything in place. Finally, Dobro supports your iPad and other large tablets, so if you hit your tablet from behind. It will fall forward. In other words, there is little comparison.

Yes, It’s safest to plug in the speaker, place those rubber bands and use it as a stand alone speaker.

In addition, the speaker is made of quality materials and looks well made, and sounds very good. Definitive Technology says, “The side frames are forged aluminum and the ‘foot’ hardware components and clamps are forged magnesium alloy, a high-tech material that is extremely strong yet lightweight.

The soundbar has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 hours of battery life and includes a micro-USB port for charging and an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices.

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Definitive includes a 3.5mm cable for connecting to those non-Bluetooth devices, as well as being very flexible, Includes a thin cloth case (slightly scratches the speaker, but not a little). Unfortunately, there is no chat option.

Compared to other compact Bluetooth speakers, the Sound Cylinder is $200 more expensive, but it sounds great. Best of all, the sound is very clear. Bass is good for a speaker of this size, but the treble is pushed back a bit to make the speaker really clear. Although it is more prone to criticism because of the price level. Like I said, it’s a great little speaker for its size. Even if it’s not a medium-sized room, it fills a small room with sound.

Tested with music and video; Great for watching movies or TV shows on your iPad or larger tablet. yes You can play music through the speakers, but a powerful speaker placement is essential for those who want to watch videos and boost sound on their iPad. In the experience of crying; Cylinder Sound comes more from the iPad’s internal speakers.

Definitive recommends that stereo speakers go with side-firing tape, but these little speakers sound a little different unless they’re 2 or 3 feet away.

Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

As with other Bluetooth speakers, you can wirelessly play music from up to 33 feet away using your device as a remote control. Jawbone Jambox Compared to other compact Bluetooth speakers, including the JBL Flip and JBL Charge. The Sound Cylinder is good enough to compete, but the problem is that it can’t compete with those speakers, and the JBL Flip and JBL Charge are louder. The soundbar sounds better than the iLuv iSP245, but the iLuv drops below $50 and is a better value.

As mentioned, battery life is rated at 10 hours. The Jambox’s battery life is better, but that’s okay for this type of speaker.

The best in technology – solid design and great sound. Converting it into a stand for your iPad or other tablets is a great feature, especially for those who want to watch a lot of videos and maximize the audio experience on their tablets.

That’s in addition to worrying about the design. My main issue isn’t saying it’s better than the competition at a lower price. The JBL Flip, which sells for half the price, produces a tighter, smoother sound. While I like Out Loud, despite its strengths, it’s hard to get a simple message across.