The 7 references to the original trilogy that have been seen in the highly anticipated trailer of Indiana Jones 5

And for dessert, in Indiana Jones 5 there is an incredible nod to another of its iconic characters, Han Solo from Star Wars.

The trailer of ‘Indiana Jones 5‘ It has been a real event in networks. It is clear that fans are looking forward to the return of the archaeologist. We had some news regarding the fifth installment of the franchise, but Disney’s trailer has been quite a wonderful gift, since it is full of references to the original trilogy that are gradually being discovered. One of the things that must be highlighted about this new production is that It will be the first film in the saga not to be directed by Steven Spielberg.. Yes, he will be in the production, giving up his seat as director to the filmmaker James Mangoldresponsible among others for the tape ‘Logan’ in which the mutant was shelved in the Fox universe.

Indiana Jones 5 already has a title

Along with the trailer from which we are going to draw the references, Disney has also made public the title of the film: ‘Indiana Jones: The Dial of Fate‘. Is it true that Indy is going to travel through time in this new movie? Why is the archaeologist shown at different different ages? All are questions after 15 years have passed since the last installment of Indy.

In this first preview we have the intrepid adventurer involved in all kinds of adventures with which it is clear that it does not matter how old Harrison Ford’s character is, because he is always willing to get fully involved in new adventures full of dangers.

The cast includes names that are very familiar to fans and the industry: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Toby Jones, Antonio Banderas, Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Kretschmann, Shaunette Renée Wilson y Olivier Richters are the main novelties of the cast.

Indiana Jones: Dial of Fate trailer references

The return of his old friend Sallah

Indy’s old friend played by the great John Rhys-Davies appears at the beginning of the trailer speaking in a nostalgic way for past times of adventures of both.


The Nazis are back with a younger Indiana Jones

It seems that after dealing with the sinister post-war Soviets, the Nazis are back. We don’t know if it’s because of a time travel or because it’s the opening of the tape in which he goes back to the past to tell us something very important that will be key in the narrative of the new film. In it we can also see a considerably younger Harrison Ford. A Flashback? A trip through the Multiverse? Anyway, if there is something clear, it is that Indy is already used to dealing with them and giving them what they deserve.


the tables turn

Do you remember in the first movie when Indy faced an opponent with swords and he, after displaying his skills, fell with a single shot from the protagonist’s revolver. Well, here the wink makes the situation turn upside down. The victim of the modernity and effectiveness of firearms is the archaeologist himself. A very funny scene, to say the least.


The giant ball returns

What greater reference than to the giant stone ball that almost crushed Indy at the beginning of his adventures on the big screen. An icon of popular culture of the last century. But this time, it’s Helena, the character played by Phoebe Waller-Bridgewho will be the main companion in the adventures of the archaeologist in the feature film, is the one who finds herself in serious trouble with this huge boulder.


The surprising objects and artifacts are a constant in the saga

The Ark of the Alliance, the Holy Grail, the crystal skulls…

Throughout the Indiana Jones movies there is always a component that is a common denominator for the adventures of an archaeologist. A tangible artifact, object, or legend is also one of the protagonists of the story. In this case it is the Dial of Fate which seems to be shown to us in this shot.


The race above the train

Right at the start of’the last crusade‘ we are introduced to a young Indiana, who is played by River Phoenixwho is being chased on top of a train, until he finds his father Sean Connery, then transitions into his adult version of Ford. In this new trailer, we see again the protagonist running on a moving train in clear reference.


Chases in motor vehicles or on horseback

There is no self-respecting delivery if there is not a chase or several aboard motor vehicles, this time opening the trailer we find the characters aboard some Jeeps crossing a city in this characteristic way in which this man likes to do it intrepid adventurer.

The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars jumping into hyperspace

The best and most iconic of the references or details of the new Indiana Jones 5 trailer is this. Anyone would say that it is the cabin of the famous Corellian freighter whose name is . The Millennium Falcon. Which belongs to a certain smuggler and his Wookiee co-pilot of him, Han Solo and Chewie. Words are unnecessary. Enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed perusing the new trailer. We read each other!


‘Indiana Jones: The Dial of Fate’ will hit theaters on June 30, 2023.

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