Doom, Dead Space, and disco collide in this funky retro FPS game


If you like Doom, Dead Space, retro FPS games, and disco, I may have found the perfect game for you, with one of the best trailers I’ve seen in quite some time. All the above elements and the immersive sim genre come together here for what might be a 2023 hit.

It’s called RetroSpace, and it’s a first-person immersive sim with a disco-punk aesthetic, funky beats, and a sprinkling of humour and horror in there for good measure. You can thank the weekly ‘screenshot Saturday’ event for the discovery, as the shooter’s Twitter account shared the excellent trailer with the hashtag, and you can see it below.

According to developer Bánk B. Varga, there’s “a huge emphasis on freedom and exploration” in RetroSpace, with games like System Shock seeming to be a primary influence on the gameplay itself. That said, the atmosphere and shooting definitely give me more Doom and Dead Space vibes, but RetroSpace still looks like its own incredibly intriguing beast.

The game will have hacking, shooting, sneaking, and other stealth game mechanics alongside the Thief shadow/light system where you can shoot out and turn off lights too. It’s being made by a studio called The Wild Gentlemen, and RetroSpace certainly puts the “wild” in the studio’s name, that’s for sure.

RetroSpace looks like a melting pot of genres and game inspirations that may very well sit in the slow cooker and become one of the sleeper hits of 2023. I know that’s an early call to make, but the visual identity of the game is already so strong that having the immersive sim mechanics follow suit could make it an all-timer.

The Steam page isn’t live yet, but will apparently be going up at basically any moment since the publication of this article, so we’ll be sure to update the story with a link when it’s live. How does a free code for another immersive sim sound in the meantime? Well, you can get Dishonored 2 for free if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, and it’s truly one of the best in the genre.

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