Golden Globes’ 2023 diverse nominees must reflect in its list of winners tonight; Here’s why


Golden Globes has always been a significant award and often kicks off award season. This star-studded event helps nominees as well as winners to win the Olympus Award: the Globes. Academy Awards.

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The Golden Globes return to NBC for their 80th anniversary After a year. The channel had previously banned them due to numerous controversies. The channel will ban them in February 2021. Los Angeles TimesExpose revealed Lack of Black peopleThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association was the organising committee. There were also reports about their ethics in which they were accused of favoring certain shows over others. For example,30 HFPA membersIn 2019, I visited the sets for Emily in Paris, France. Two years later, the series was nominated in the Golden Globes over other critically acclaimed shows like I May Destroy You.

But this was just the beginning. Next came the chaos. Philip Berk, HFPA member and the former eight-term president calling the Black Lives Matter campaign a “racist hate movement.” There was also news of people buying awards through ‘gifts’ and sexual assault allegations by Brendan Fraser.

Although they had announced a A series of reformsThe award show was Not aired on NBCIn 2022. HFPA now boasts 21 new voters Six of them are blackGolden Globes hopes that it can regain its former glory. ReportsThe 80th edition will feature stars like Jennifer Coolidge and Hilary Swank, Jenna Ortega and Jamie Lee Curtis.

It is not enough to have stars grace the red carpet. The nominees this year are diverse, but not all inclusive. You can find examples of no female directorsIn its Best Director nominations or the likes Tom Cruise and Will SmithThe entire cast House of the Dragon, except Emma D’Arcy (who was nominated in the ‘female’ category even though they You can identify yourself as non-binary).

Fans of those left out were hurt and many took to Twitter to complain that the awards are not being renewed. ‘corrupt’. The winners will decide if Globes is able to save its legacy. We have the likes RRR: Everything Everywhere at Once, Brendan Fraser, Emma D’Arcy, Ke Huy Quan, Diego LunaFilms, shows, and people from marginalized backgrounds.

There are titans such as Viola Davis and James Camron on the list. But the race to the top is not over. The award is hard to win. Even though there might be upsets if the underrepresented or marginalized groups win, it will still portray Golden Globes as open to new horizons. This is all based on merit. For example: Everything, Everywhere at Once It proved to be a popular choice because it is from A24, a small production house. However, they have to fight against giants like Speilberg or Cameron who both have a forty-year career. People will be happy if they win. The chances of people feeling the same way if the former wins are slim, especially considering the fact that The Way of Water AvatarNominated Even before its official release.