Sharper Trailer: Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan Are Mother-Son Con Artists

Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan are targeting a family of billionaires in the latest A24 and Apple TV+ film.

For “Sharper,” Oscar winner Moore plays a seductive single mother who sets her sights on an outrageously wealthy businessman (John Lithgow), while her disgraced son (Stan) works his own angle to win a fortune. Justice Smith and Briana Middleton also star as crucial pieces of Stan and Moore’s plan to raid the rich.

Emmy-winning “The Crown” filmmaker Benjamin Caron directs the neo-noir thriller. Per the official synopsis, no one is who they seem in New York City’s bedrooms, barrooms, and boardrooms. Characters compete for riches and power in a high-stakes game of ambition, greed, lust, and jealousy.

Director Caron told People that the film is “inspired by a long line of great films that love to keep audiences guessing up until the end, including ‘The Usual Suspects,’ ‘House of Games,’ ‘Klute,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘The Thomas Crown Affair,’ ‘The Color of Money,’ The Sting,’ and more.”

Lead star Moore is co-producing the film alongside Erik Feig, Jessica Switch, Bart Freundlich, and screenwriters Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Julia Hammer and Amy Herman serve as executive producers.

Moore recently revealed that she “felt like an outsider” early in her career due to her appearance. “Redheads are two percent of the global population,” Moore said. “Nobody wants to feel like they’re in the minority. Now, I feel very identified with my hair and freckles, but there’s still a part of me that would rather be a tanned blonde.”

The “Still Alice” Oscar winner continued, “Someone in the film industry said to me, ‘You should try to look prettier.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can.’ Obviously, ours is a business where there is some physicality involved, but beauty and prettiness are subjective.”

Up next, Moore stars in Todd Haynes’ “May December,” marking her fourth feature with the “Far From Heaven” director. She also can be seen in Jesse Eisenberg’s “When You Finish Saving the World.”

“Sharper” co-star Stan meanwhile will reunite with “Pam & Tommy” director Craig Gillespie for Wall Street drama “Dumb Money” about the chaos that ensued after GameStop’s stock skyrocketed thanks to Reddit. Seth Rogen produces and stars along with Paul Dano, Shailene Woodley, Pete Davidson, Myha’la Herrold, Anthony Ramos, and more.

“Sharper” premieres in select theaters February 10 and on Apple TV+ February 17.