Ghostface Teases Scream 6 Trailer’s Potential Release Date

Ghostface teased on Twitter that the Scream 6 trailer would be out shortly. The movie is the sixth overall in the genre, which started in 1996 with the first big-budget smash movie, also called Scream. It is a direct sequel to Scream 2022. Except for Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, The New York City-based film will center on the final one’s survivors., namely the Carpenter sisters Sam and Tara and the Meeks-Martin twins Chad and Mindy. On December 14, a minute-long teaser for Scream 6 to published. However, it only provides a fleeting glance at one scene.

A Real image of the Scream VI cast and crew members, including recent Golden Globe nominees Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, was posted on the official Scream Twitter account on Friday the thirteenth to commemorate the occasion. The set appeared to outfit like a bodega.

A fan questioned whether the “Clean up on aisle 1 and 19” reference in Ghostface’s post implied that the trailer would release on January 19. This method says a potentially revealing remark from Ghostface, “Do you work as a detective? I’m not a fan of detectives, “causing some people to speculate that the Scream 6 trailer would be released this month.

What the Scream VI Teaser May Indicate

So yes, the only thing made clear in the official teaser is that at least one suspenseful scenario will take place on Halloween in a crowded subway. Along with the core cast’s return, which includes Ortega, Barrera, Mason Gooding, and Jasmine Savoy Brown, that trailer also gave viewers a preview of the new character that She-Hulk actor Josh Segarra will be portraying. The majority of the new cast includes Dermot Mulroney, Henry Czerny, Samara Weaving, Tony Revolori, Jack Champion, Devyn Nekoda, and Liana Liberato, which is likely to show in the official trailer when it drops.

The second trailer, which will be released even closer to Scream 6’s March 10 release date, is sure to have some tricks up its sleeve that the first one will wish to save. They’ll probably reserve the first glimpse of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed from Scream 4 for that trailer. Gale Weathers, play by Courteney Cox, is the only other officially confirm returning character. It is less of a surprise to keep a secret as fans have seen her return in the previous four sequels; therefore, she will probably appear in the first trailer so that viewers can see how Gale’s life has changed since the tragic events of the previous year.

The official Scream 6 trailer will probably also provide a little more information about the overall structure of the upcoming movie’s plot. It may explain why the characters moved from Woodsboro, California, to New York City. The college setting of Scream 2 hints at the previous movie poster, so some or all characters move there to flee the scene of their friends’ murders.