The Upshaws Season 3 Netflix Official Trailer Released


Netflix has had a lot of success with the family sitcom. As a result, the streaming platform has already renewed Season 3 of The Upshaws. Fans love this show and can’t get enough of it being funny and relevant.

The Upshaws: Season 3 Official Trailer

According to the trailer, there may be some changes in the Upshaw family. One consistent thing is Lucretia’s sister’s hatred of her husband. Since the trailer begins with him in a prison cell, it looks like Benny is in trouble. The trailer opens with mechanic and auto repair business owner Benny (Epps) going to jail for buying low-quality parts. “How would I know they were hot?”

We’re not sure how she’s going to get out of this, but hopefully before Lucretia directs all her rage at her for dragging her into this chaos as her business partner. As the family’s household income rises, Bennie is in jail and the job is tough, he may have to consider returning to the job he hates for the new season.

Although the next version is called “The Upshaws Season 3”, it will be the second episode of the second season. The trailer provides additional details about what viewers can expect from the upcoming release. “The Upshaws” follows a working-class African-American family in Indiana as they deal with life’s ups and downs. But they’re still trying to figure it out, according to the next chapter.

Upshaws Season 3 also shows the Upshaw kids going through growing pains. Bernard is still trying to figure out motherhood, Aaliyah struggles to be popular at school, and Kelvin is constantly getting used to being Upshaw with another mother other than Regina.

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Actors we’ll see in The Upshaws: Season 3

Mike Epps returns to head the cast. Another stand-up master, Wanda Sykes, joined Epps.

The following actors round out the rest of the main cast:

Who Fields
Diamond Lyons
Jermelle Simon
Page Kennedy
Journey to Christine
Hali Spraggins
Gabrielle Dennis