See Shazam Fight An Army Of Monsters In New Fury Of The Gods Video


The trailer for Shazam Fury of the Gods sees Zachary Levi face off against an army of monsters.


By Mark McKee | published


What do you get when you give a teenager the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury? You get the last remaining bastion of hope that the old DC Universe fans have hit the theater as Shazam Fury of the Gods releases to theaters after the shake-up that saw the dismissal of Patty Jenkins, Henry Cavill, and Dwayne Johnson. Of course, watch the trailer below, and you will see that even though the majority of the DCEU actors have moved on in James Gunn’s new world, Zachary Levi has plenty of monsters to fight, maybe even a little help from Wonder Woman herself (per Koi Moi speculation).

The trailer brings fans copious amounts of action and adventure, blending the worlds of superheroes, fantasy, comedy, and horror as Levi and his adoptive family go head-to-head against dragons, beasts, and all sorts of monsters. Of course, the teenager-turned-demigod is not forced to do battle entirely alone, as his entire foster home has been turned into the Shazam family, backing each other up against the world’s worst. And those beasts aren’t randomly attacking the wizard’s chosen ones; they are doing the bidding of some very sinister beings.

The daughters of Atlas have reemerged to claim the power they claim Billy Batson stole from their father (in this case, the stamina of Atlas), ready to do what they must to take it back. While they show that they have considerable power of their own and even cause Batson to ask the wizard, Shazam (Djimon Hounsou), to take the powers away from him, they also release countless beasts on the city. When casting the Daughters of Atlas to go against the heroes, the filmmakers of Shazam Fury of the Gods pulled out all the stops to bring in some of the most prominent names in Hollywood.

Despite the long list of villains the team could have chosen from Shazam’s rogues’ gallery, they elected to create new villains with no counterparts in the comics. Hespera and Kalypso, who seem to be derived from other Greek mythologies as are the heroes with their godlike powers in Shazam Fury of the Godsare played by Hollywood superstars Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.

Hespera, played by the Oscar-winning legend Mirren, seems to be derived from Hesperides. As a member of the Daughters of the Evening in Greek mythology, they were tasked by Hera to guard her grove of trees containing the golden apples. Kalypso, played by action legend Lucy Liu, could be derived from the legendary nemesis from Homer’s The Odyssey, who tried to seduce Odysseus to stay with her instead of returning home.

The DCEU may be on the precipice of oblivion, with James Gunn’s new DCU seeming to start from scratch by dismissing some big names, but there is still some life in it yet with Shazam Fury of the Gods hitting screens in March. There is no word yet on whether Levi is set to move forward with Gunn, but the feel of the movies seems perfect for Gunn’s style, and if Levi can defeat the beasts on screen as well as off, he’d be a perfect fit.