Premiering Tonight! “American Horror Story: NYC” Is the Gayest Season Yet — A Look at 5 Other Pretty Gay AHS Seasons


Ryan Murphy is back with the 11th installment of his horror anthology, American Horror Story. This time the nightmare comes to New York City. As per usual, everyone involved is pretty tight lipped about what exactly the season is about or how the events will unfold, but early press from the cast and creative team describes AHS: NYC as the gayest season yet. It premieres on FX tonight, October 19, and they just dropped a vague new trailer and some hot cast photos.


And while yes, basically the entire male cast is full of out gay stars, and lord knows there will be lots and lots of sex (because why cast this group if not to strip them down at some point), to take the crown of the gayest season yet is a big accomplishment. Let’s look back at 5 other seasons that were pretty damn gay.

Coven/ Apocalypse


Whether you identify as an Emma Robert, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, or Angela Bassett, everyone has a witch they felt was their Coven spirit animal. In season 3, the reads were top rate, the costumes were chic, and everyone wanted to be the next Supreme. Then season 8’s Apocalypse was basically part 2 of Coven but somehow got even gayer thanks to the sexy, gay antichrist played by Cody Fern and the warlocks council being a who’s who of gay Broadway folks. Is there anything gayer or more iconic than Frances Conroy being burned at the stake shouting, “Balenciaga!”?



Gay queen Lady Gaga made her AHS debut in the sleek and sexy vampire season AHS: Hotel. The fifth season, set in a haunted Los Angeles hotel, had plenty of eye candy thanks to hunks Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, and Cheyenne Jackson, but it was the queer storyline of Denis O’Hare as the transgender bartender Liz Taylor that made this season so memorable.

Freak Show


Ok, so hear me out here: Season 4’s Freak Show wasn’t gay in the way Coven or Hotel was, but Finn Wittrock spent at least half the episodes bulging around in a pair of white briefs and that’s gay enough for me. Also, when Evan Peters was finger banging housewives with his lobster hands, you didn’t want a turn?


Murder House

It’s been a decade since season 1 aired but there was definitely something gay and kinky happening with Zachary Quinto in a leather body suit, so add it to the list.