Lengthening the Buying Cycle, Unleashing AI for Creative Marketing, ChatGPT

Chris and Corey’s guest, Barry Trailer compares the unpredictability of sales to the unpredictability of a baseball game, where even the best players are out 70% of the time. Chris Beall adds that the desire for predictability is a universal human desire, but sales is about doing things that have a reasonable shot of bringing people together so that problems can be solved that would otherwise be left unsolved. In this episode of Asher Sales Sense, John Asher sits down with social media expert Judy Schramm to discuss the power of ChatGPT for B2B marketers and sales professionals. With ChatGPT’s rapid growth, reaching 5 million users within a week of its release, Schramm shares her own success and excitement in using the tool to enhance sales efficiency and close deals faster. She also notes that Microsoft, a major backer of the product, plans to integrate it into its entire software suite and use it to compete with Google. Schramm suggests that ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for sellers, but it is important to note that it is still a baby technology in some ways. Tessa Burg and Ray Singer sit down with Michael Francello from Shutterstock. They explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the creative side of marketing. From AI-generated content to automated creative optimization, we delve into the latest technologies and strategies for harnessing AI’s power to enhance your creative campaigns’ effectiveness. Discover how you can leverage AI to take your marketing to the next level. Susan Finch continues the AI discussion for non-profits. It’s for those of you who help market non-profits, and volunteer for social media to help the non-profits, this episode will cover free tools to help lighten your load. Borrowing heavily from the book Managing from the Heart, Fr. Bill offers these five principles when engaging with others, as we commit to and work towards greater unity. These principals hold true at home and in our professional lives.

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