Sheldon Gets A School Rival In Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 11 Trailer

CBS releases a brand new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11 trailer after a two-week hiatus teasing Sheldon’s new school rival at East Texas Tech.

A brand new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11 trailer debuts what seems like Sheldon’s new school rival. The Big Bang Theory prequel continues Sheldon’s attempt to get his grant database off the ground without the help of East Texas Tech after they try to undermine him. His effort to get his grant database project off the ground prompted him to seek help from Dr. Sturgis, who offered genuine support. However, his college is apparently also making some moves to move forward with the same project without him.


As shared by CBS (via TV Promos), a new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 11 trailer offers the first look at potentially Sheldon’s new school rival. Watch the video below:

The upcoming episode will mark Young Sheldon‘s next episode after its latest hiatus. Titled “Ruthless, Toothless and a Week of Bed Rest” the outing’s official synopsis reveals that it will see Sheldon learning that East Texas Tech is moving forward with his grant database project without him. Elsewhere, Mary will have to take care of the bedridden Mandy as she nears giving birth.

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What Happens To Sheldon’s Grant Database Project?


Young Sheldon season 6 has been mostly focused on Georgie and Mandy’s story, as well as, George personal and professional arc. After sidelining its titular character for a while, however, The Big Bang Theory prequel finally gave the boy genius his own arc with his school East Texas Tech narrative. Sheldon has been in the process of creating his potentially lucrative grant database for a while now and his rather difficult experience with it could be the reason why he becomes so guarded and paranoid about The Big Bang Theory. Now, East Texas Tech is further antagonizing him by moving forward with the endeavor without his knowledge.

For what it’s worth, there was no mention of the grant database in the nerd-centric sitcom. However, if it ever pans out, it could explain why Sheldon was secretly rich in TBBT. Despite having to live with a roommate, the socially-inept genius was comfortable enough to easily lend Penny money and not pressure her to pay the money she borrowed anytime soon. But the fact that The Big Bang Theory doesn’t explicitly reference the database grant actually allows Young Sheldon to craft the storyline the way that CBS wants to. It’s uncertain how long the narrative will last, but it gives Sheldon a compelling storyline which is better than relegating him to being a supporting character.

After a couple of weeks of hiatus, Young Sheldon is set for several weeks of consecutive new episodes. That means that The Big Bang Theory prequel’s current storylines will make some significant headway in the next few weeks, that includes Sheldon’s grant database project that has now become so complicated. Aside from this, however, hopefully, the show also reveals if George is really Brenda’s secret boyfriend.